Best Foosball Tables Review & TOP Picks 2017

The Mini Foosball Table is the answer to the dilemma of lack of space and lack of money. The novelty of this game table is that it can be played anywhere. It is the perfect holiday or birthday gift for anyone who loves the game.

Foosball Facts

Foosball, also known as table football (soccer) is a miniature game of soccer played with two to four players. The table is the soccer field with miniature soccer players called foosmen, attached to long rods that turn in a circular motion and move back and forth. The players maneuver the rods and players to get the soccer ball to the goal.

Foosball is a serious sport that conducts professional tournaments all over the world. Now families and friends can enjoy the sport at home in game rooms dedicated to foosball, billiards, air hockey and other table games. Tables are available that allow you to play several games all using the same table. Mini tables require minimum space.

Mini Foosball Facts

If you’ve ever played foosball on full-size tables, you may not be able to picture playing on a pocket-size foosball table. The small dimensions of this little table (9in x 7in) does nothing to diminish the fun you have when playing foosball. In fact, moving the rods with your thumb and pointer finger adds a new skill and challenge to the game. This table has legs that fold flat with two mini balls (in case one gets lost). Imagine your husband with one of these games at the office & Best Foosball Tables Cover.

If the pocket size foosball table is a little too small for your taste, you may want to try one that measures 20in x 12in and weighs in at 7 pounds. The table fits anywhere you need it to fit for hours of fun. Your kids will love playing on this table anytime and mom will love the convenience of being able to store it away. Also Read about - Best 3 in 1 Foosball Tables Reviews.

Is that foosball table still too small? Then how about one a little closer to what you’re used to playing on, but very portable and affordable? This table measures 32in X 16in and offers all of the fun and action you could want in a foosball table twice its size. It’s a great size for the game room, a bedroom, a college dorm or an office. What a way to spend your 15-minute breaks or lunch hour at work! You’ll have to be extremely disciplined to end your breaks on time.
You can also get a Mini foosball 3-in-1 table or Tornado Foosball Tables if you want to play 3 of your favorite games at any given time. 

Foosball Table Costs

You may have wanted a full-size foosball table at home for a very long time, but the price was way beyond your budget. You’ll be happy to know that you and your family can enjoy the thrill of playing foosball at home for less than $100 with the mini version. The 32in X 16in table we introduced above is less than $60, not including shipping, at Amazon.
What a surprise your kids will enjoy on Christmas morning when they find a Mini Foosball Table under the tree! Men never outgrow a foosball table and the mini table makes this gift affordable. Best Foosball Table Best Foosball Table